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A mission to survive...  

SOIL EROSION, GLOBAL WARMING, RISING FLOODS AND DRAUGHTS, RISING POLLUTION LEVELS OF AIR, SOIL, WATER AND MENTAL, SEA LEVEL RISE, GLACIERS MELTING, SPECIES GOING EXTINCT AND ENDANGERED, PRICE HIKES, GOING TOWARDS TOTAL DEPENDANCY ON PETROLEUM PRODUCE WHICH IS A FINITE SOURCE OF ENERGY, CLIMATE CHANGE, HYBRID FOOD WITH TOO MANY PESTICIDES AND OTHER CHEMICALS are continuously on the rise.  Even though all of us are aware of these problems we (as people and most of the governments) are still acting as we have plenty and all the solutions!!! We know that the current lifestyle (city based consumerist lifestyle) is the main culprit of the climate change and hence the easiest way out to change that lifestyle and build smaller and more eco-friendly communes!

We started this project as our way of finding a solution to all these problems. The basic idea of the project is to start on a new base, a whole new system which will consist of good points from the cities (technologies, modes of communication etc.) and the villages as well (fresh air, pure water, good soil etc.) We are following the famous concept of Rurbanization which means it’s rural + urban.


  • The first and most important problem we face today is deforestation hence we decided to replant the entire area (about 100 acres) part by part in a period of 3 to 5 years and then start developing it as a eco – sustainable commune.
  • The energy problem which is faced as rising fuel prices, power cuts etc. We produce our own electricity here at the community using renewable sources of energy. (solar, wind, bio-gas, bio-mass etc.)
  • Too much chemical farming which has made hundreds and thousands of acres of land barren and saline. We produce our own food through organic multi-tier farming which will help the soil become fertile day by day.
  • The water shortage problem that we face in the cities is getting noticeable every day. Hence, we have percolation tanks and roof water harvesting techniques that are used here by the community people.
  • The solid waste management of the urban areas is in a chaos. We recycle our own waste by putting it in the biogas plant and using the slurry as manure for the plants and trees.
  • In the community, we do not pollute the rivers or canals flowing nearby by releasing our sewage in them, we compost our sewage and get the best quality, fresh healthy vegetables out of it.
  • Living in urban areas, we’ve all forgotten to enjoy the small wonders of nature like the musical sound of birds, the beautiful butterflies and insects, the soft brush of breeze, the soothing sound of streams and rivers, the fragrance in the air and a sky full of stars. All these broken strings, missing links are being rediscovered in the community.

I talk about all these problems, since I was also born and brought up in the city. We all have a choice and it is in our hands to make a difference! I took the opportunity life offered me and I’m very happy about it. I would ask all of you to take time out of your “busy” lives and think about the things that really matter to you not society, status or other people…just you! Think what you want and work towards getting it.